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An injury doesn't mean your sports career is over.

The Kinetik Foundation prevents and treats traumatic sports injuries in high school athletes who lack access to rehabilitative care.

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We help high school athletes avoid and overcome ankle sprains, ACL tears, labrum tears and other sports injuries.

We focus our resources on underserved athletes who have a path to college through sports. All services are provided at no cost to athletes who are accepted into our Sports Injury Rehab Program, which takes place at our facility in San Diego.

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Rehabilitating athletes with traumatic sports injuries

One of the most common high school sport-related injuries, an ACL tear can end an athlete’s competitive career if the lengthy rehabilitation process is economically out of reach. Low-grade ankle sprains, which are often overlooked, tend to be precursors to chronic pain, instability, and more serious problems. The Kinetik Foundation helps athletes with these types of injuries restore functional movement and prevent further injury, using a combination of strength and conditioning, rehabilitative exercises, and soft tissue treatment.

Preventing injuries through screening and education

We lead screening workshops to help high school coaches identify which of their athletes are at high risk for injury and provide corrective treatment before injury occurs. The Kinetik Foundation also offers education for coaches, athletic trainers, and practitioners in injury prevention techniques and return-to-play protocols that maximize long term success. Our goal is for more young athletes to remain injury-free so they may achieve their full athletic potential in college and beyond.

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Our team consists of personal trainers, coaches and manual therapists who are experts in their fields. Kinetik and its methods are trusted and endorsed by many Olympians, World Record holders, and numerous other elite athletes.

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Sports Injury Education

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