Athlete's feet with crutches

Our Sports Injury Rehab

We do more than treat existing injuries.

We work with each of our athletes individually to restore functional movement patterns and correct imbalances or deficiencies that may contribute to sports injury risk. Athletes accepted into our program can expect to work with us until it is safe to return to sport with low risk of reinjury. The goal is to not only treat existing injuries, but to maximize the potential for long-term athletic success beyond high school. Our athlete-centered methodologies have been tested and proven in performance and elite settings.

Therapist rehabilitating an injured foot

Are you injured? Kinetik can help!

Who should apply: High school athletes with a traumatic sports injury and/or history of ankle sprain. Kinetik’s program is appropriate post-surgery or when surgery is not required. Admission is based on financial need.

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Training location: Kearny Mesa, San Diego (location shared with Kinetik Performance)

Frequency: 1-3x a week for several months

The program includes, at no cost to the athlete:

  • Corrective and rehabilitative exercise
  • Soft tissue treatment (e.g., Active Release Technique, laser therapy, acupuncture)
  • Instruction in at-home exercises and stretches

Application Process

Admission into the Kinetik Foundation’s Sports Injury Rehab Program is based on the athlete’s personal statement, injury status, and demonstrated financial need. There is no fee to apply.

The application consists of three parts:

Statement of
financial need

from a parent or guardian


from the athlete describing commitment and goals

Summary of
injury history

from a doctor, coach and/or athletic trainer


You may download the application here in PDF format and distribute each section to the appropriate individual. Completed PDF applications may be emailed to or mailed to 7323 Engineer Rd Ste A, San Diego, CA 92111.

Once we have received all three parts of your application, you can expect to hear from us within about a week.